Occupant Protection

In West Virginia, over the last 5 years, there has been an average of 345 motor vehicle fatalities on the State’s roadways. The yearly average number of these fatalities that were ejected from the vehicle is 123, almost 36%, many of who would have likely survived had they been belted.

Occupant Protection Initiatives

The West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP) promotes Occupant Protection Programs such as Click It Or Ticket and WV Lifesavers to enforce the message to all motor vehicle drivers and passengers to buckle their seat belts.

Click It or Ticket

Click It or Ticket Logo
Click It or Ticket (CIOT) is a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) seat belt enforcement program that is observed by the GHSP. It was created in efforts to help increase the seat belt usage rate by reminding people to wear their seat belts.

Child Passenger Safety (CPS)

Child Passenger Safety Logo 
CPS serves as the occupant protection program for children. As a general rule, children under age eight are required by law to ride in federally approved child passenger safety seats. The type of seat your child must ride in is determined by various factors such as height, weight, and age. More information and all specifics of the program can be found here.


Livesavers Logo 
This program was developed to provide incentives to individual law enforcement officers to become involved in the GHSP’s occupant protection efforts. The GHSP will continue to support this program, and efforts to increase individual participation are ongoing by the Coordinator of this program.

For an informational brochure about occupant protection, click here.

WV Seat Belt Law

A person may not operate a passenger vehicle on a public street or highway of this state unless the person, any passenger in the back seat under eighteen years of age, and any passenger in the front seat of the passenger vehicle is restrained by a safety belt meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Through July 8, 2013 the seat belt law is a secondary offense; this means that enforcement of the seat belt law is accomplished only as a secondary action when the driver of a passenger vehicle has been detained by probable cause of violating another law.

As of July 9, 2013, the law becomes a primary offense; which means that no other action of probable cause, other than the lack of use of the proper seat belt restrain system, is required in order to be cited for violation of the seat belt law.

For complete details on the WV seat belt law click here.