Highway Data Services

The Highway Data Services (HDS) unit is part of the Program Planning and Administration Division. The primary responsibility of HDS is to perform the functions necessary to support quality data to deliver the annual Public Certified Mileage Report and the Highway Performance Measurement System (HPMS). The HPMS submittal to the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) PMS submittal expands the Certified Mileage with the data used in the analysis of highway system condition, performance, and investment needs that make up the biennial Condition and Performance Reports. Condition and Performance Reports are used by Congress to establish both authorization and appropriation legislation. These Congressional activities determine the scope and size of the Federal-aid Highway Program, and levels of Federal highway taxation.

The HDS unit processes additions, changes or abandonment requests from WVDOH District offices. HDS then updates the roadway inventory records as these requests are issued as Commissioner Orders. Roadway improvements are updated in the Roadway Inventory Log (RIL) as received, either from District offices or field notes generated by field crews. the Division's roadway history records including maps, scroll records, microfilm of paper documentation, correspondence files and official Commissioner Orders. A local name list is updated District offices, County 911 organizations, and others with authority over determining the local names.

Annual Roadway Statistics provides the roadway inventory by West Virginia Functional Class and Surface type, in addition to providing pavement data used by the Maintenance Division for generating maintenance budgets and includes information regarding the National Highway Functional System (NHFC) and the National Highway System (NHS).

HDS provides a variety of themed paper maps to the public at a nominal cost.

Additional responsibilities include administration and operation of the WVDOH Real-Time Kinematic network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS). This system provides Real-Time GPS correctors to enable centimeter-level accuracies. The system includes 14 sites that are dynamic benchmarks in the National Spatial Reference Frame.

It is the goal of the HDS unit to enhance productivity and provide quality data to consumers of WVDOH GIS products.


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