Hall of Fame Member


Donald J. Judy
Donald J. Judy

Year Inducted: 2014
  • Love for Aviation at Age Five in Bonanza Aircraft
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Holds Airframe and Powerplant  (A&P) Certificate with Inspection Authority (IA)
  • Restored Ten Complete Rebuilt Aircraft
  • Talented in the Art of Recovering Fabric Aircraft
  • Recipient of 2010 Wilbur Wright Award​

Born January 4, 1943 in Dry Fork, West Virginia, Donald J. Judy first experienced the wonder of aviation at the age of five in a Bonanza aircraft. His father maintained a grass strip on their farmland and his love for aviation thrived. After receiving his private pilot certificate in 1962, he continued receiving additional ratings through his hard work and dedication.

Judy’s ratings range from Single Engine Land and Sea to Multi Engine Land, Rotorcraft, as well as Glider. He is a certified flight instructor on all of the previously mentioned aircraft classifications and holds an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificate with Inspection Authority (IA) designation.

In addition to assisting others pursue their dreams in aviation, Judy patiently and lovingly restores aircraft having overseen 10 complete rebuilt aircraft. He is also talented in the art of recovering fabric aircraft; a form in which few are currently proficient.

Judy is the recipient of the 2010 Wilbur Wright Award having been accident free for 50 years; a testimonial to Judy’s superior skillset. His contribution to aviation in West Virginia does not include military honors but is found in those students he taught as a flight instructor and the thousands of students he signed off on their check rides as a designated pilot examiner. The State of West Virginia recognizes Mr. Judy’s commitment to the betterment of aviation in the state and is proud to claim him as a West Virginian.

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