This meeting will provide notice of and information to members of the public about the needs, reasons and justifications for the proposed change in toll rates and proposed issuance of toll revenue bonds. The Department of Transportation will promote public understanding of maps, drawings or charts, reports, certifications, recommendations and other issues surrounding the proposed toll rate changes including the proposed issuance of toll revenue bonds and the proposed toll increases and the proposed Single Fee Discount Program including the proposed Limited (One-Time) Early Enrollment Option. The public and the Department of Transportation will discuss any appropriate alternative courses of action, and will explain and provide information concerning major features of such toll changes and any ancillary toll discount programs and the proposed issuance of toll revenue bonds. Attendees may present comments and concerns by oral presentation or by written presentation or by written comments.​​

May 10, 2018
Event: Riverside High School Public Meeting Regarding Proposed Toll Rate Changes and Issuance of Toll Revenue Bonds
Address: 1 Warrior Way

City: Belle
State: WV
Zip: 25015
Contact: Greg Barr

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