Dick Henderson Bridge

The Deck is Down: September 2013

    The concrete bridge deck has been laid and the project remains on schedule to be complete by November 2013.


Two Spans Connected: July 2013


Bridge Pier Work: April 2013

    Shortly after the demolition of the old Dick Henderson Bridge truss, work began to repair the top of the piers. Repairs to the pier caps are necessary to ensure they will be able to hold the new steel truss and concrete bridge deck.



Demolition Day in Nitro: March 8, 2013

The section of the Dick Henderson Memorial Bridge that connects to Nitro is no more!  A small crowd of invited guests gathered on Center Street in Nitro to watch the controlled blast.  The City selected an elementary school student and a WWII Veteran to push the ceremonial plunger.

Check out video and  pictures from the event.


Demolition Day in St. Albans: March 1, 2013


    The demolition of a portion of the Dick Henderson Bridge went off without a hitch!  A huge crowd gathered at the St. Albans Roadside Park to watch the controlled blast.  The Mayor of St. Albans selected three lovely ladies to flip the ceremonial switch just before the blast.

    Check out video and pictures from the event.

Construction Update: February 19, 2013

Demolition of St. Albans Approach
Friday, March 1
10:00 a.m.

Demolition of Nitro Approach
Friday, March 8
10:00 a.m.


    The remaining sections of the superstructure steel of the Dick Henderson Memorial Bridge will be brought down by a controlled blast.

    Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. began demolishing the bridge structure in January and has been successful in cutting the steel truss piece by piece.  Some portions of the truss had to be cut into smaller sections after it was discovered that they weighed more than the contractor anticipated. Since the remaining approach spans are farther away from the crane, the decision has been made to blast the remaining sections.  

    The weight of the steel was calculated from the original bridge design plan.  The contractor believes that there were some inaccuracies with those original plans, which threw off their calculations.

    Explosives will be used to demolish the last two sections of the bridge that link to the banks of St. Albans and Nitro.  Explosive charges will be placed strategically on the bridge and the blast sites will be secured to control debris.   When detonated, the charges will essentially cut the steel and the pieces will fall into the Kanawha River.  The debris will then be removed from the water.

    The contractor is taking every precaution to insure that the piers and surrounding structures are not damaged by the blast.

Construction Update: February 5, 2013


    The steel truss of the Dick Henderson Memorial Bridge is coming down! After five long hours, the first piece of the truss was lowered onto a barge on Tuesday, February 5.  Crews will continue to dismantle the steel truss from pier to pier. 

Don't forget to visit our flickr page for more pictures.

Construction Update: January 29, 2013

    Crews are preparing to remove three large pieces of the bridge truss. Workers will make cuts in the truss and then cranes will lower the large sections of steel onto a barge.


Construction Update: January 24, 2013




    Now that most of the concrete bridge deck has been removed, crews are beginning to remove the structural steel.  They'll start by cutting small portions of steel from the deck.  The next step will be to cut the truss and then lower it with a crane onto a barge.



Construction Update: January 16, 2013

The bridge deck is coming up!  An excavator is being used to lift the concrete bridge deck which has been cut into manageable pieces.  Crews started in the middle and will work their way out until the entire bridge deck is removed.


Construction Update: January 9, 2013

    The demolition process is now underway.  The first phase of construction involves removing the concrete bridge deck.  

    Contractors are using large saws to cut the concrete into small sections.  Once the bridge deck is cut, excavators will brought in to remove the concrete slabs and then they will be hauled away.                                                                                                                     


For more pictures of the construction site, visit our flickr page.
Beginning Monday, January 7, 2013, the Dick Henderson Memorial Bridge (Nitro/St. Albans Bridge) will CLOSE TO ALL TRAFFIC while it is being replaced.  The project is scheduled to be completed in November 2013.

Alternate Routes:

  • US 60
  • WV 817
  • WV 25
  • Interstate 64


The WVDOT Office of Communications will be providing periodic updates, along with photos and videos of the bridge replacement.  You can follow the project's progress here or  follow the West Virginia Department of Transportation on Facebook and Twitter

   The bridge was built in 1934 by McClintic Marshall Corporation of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  The bridge consists of a three span cantilever Warren through truss with an overall length of 1,367 feet.  

    The purpose of the project is to replace the existing superstructure of the bridge to meet current design standards, including suitable weight limits to better serve the residential, commercial and business community needs of the cities of Saint Albans and Nitro.



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