-[ih-rah-tuhm, ih-rey-, ih-rat-uhm]
–noun, plural
of corrections attached to a printed book," 1580s, from L. erratum  (pl. errata ),
1580–90; < Latin, noun use of errātum  wandered, erred, strayed (neuter past participle of errāre ).

Even though a lot of people put a lot of work into the publication of the 2010 Standard Specifications Roads and Bridges, it was bound to happen that a host of errors would occur.  Some of these errors the Division was able to be address prior to the actual printing, and unfortunetly others were not.  This page will list all known errors associated with the 2010 Standard Specifications Roads and Bridges.

All known errors are currently being addressed by Special Provisions inserted into each Contract Proposal.  These will eventually be incorporated into a 2012 Supplemental Specification. 

The list below only consists of errors to the 2010 book and not changes to the specifications made via other means.  Changes to the specifications are handled through the
Specification Committee.

Please report any errors or possible errors to:

Ron Stanevich, PE
Specifications Engineer

The following errors are known:


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