Meeting Agenda



West Virginia Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways
Revenue Committee Meeting Agenda
Thursday, January 10, 2013
10:00 am
Capitol Complex Building One
Governor’s Cabinet Meeting and Conference Room 
        I.            Call to Order
     II.            Opening Comments
   III.            Introductions
  IV.            Report of the Infrastructure Committee – Joe Deneault, Infrastructure Committee Chair
     V.            Report of the State Road Fund – Eric Crawford, DOH Budget Director
  VI.            Report of Revenue Assumptions – Wes Stafford, CDM Smith (DOH Consultant)
VII.            Report of Revenue Options – Rob Pennington, DOH Planning Director
VIII.            Report of Efficiencies – Paul A. Mattox, Jr., Secretary of Transportation
   IX.            Report of Revenue Risks – Dr. Tom Witt, West Virginia University
     X.            Reiteration of Infrastructure Committee Report – Bob Orders, Revenue Committee Chair
   XI.            Solicitation of Option to Provide More Information and Additional Discussion on the Reports Presented
XII.            Public Comment
XIII.            Next Meeting Date and Adjourn

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