Miscellaneous Materials

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Category:  Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Materials 
Miscellaneous Electrical (631.2)   
Engineering Fabrics (715.11)
Epoxy Powders for Rebars (709.1)
Manhole Steps (715.38)
Wood Cellulose Mulch (715.27) - April 2017
Water And Sewer Line Items (718)   
Hot Pour Joint Sealer for Concrete and Asphalt (708.3)
Silicone Joint Sealant (708.4)
Dust Suppressants

Plastic Products
Corrugated Polyethylene Plastic Pipe (718.7)

Computers for Field Offices
moved to specifications <here>

Crosshole Sonic Logging Companies (625)  

Profile Certification
Certified Profiler Operators 


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