Approved Precast Concrete Fabricators


 Effective Date: Feb 28, 2011

 Contact: Sam Searls  (304) 558-9866

Note: This list and any Fabricator’s approval status are subject to change
at any time. Contractor’s need to contact each Fabricator prior to the start
of work to verify their approval status Fabricators who would like to become
approved may contact MCS&T Division at (304) 558-9852.

Fabricator Name                                                        Type of Products Produced

Aerocrete Architectural Precast                                       Architectural Precast

Burlington, KY                                                                     (Baluster, etc.)

(513) 253-5163



Americast (C379A)                                                               misc. precast

Charles Town, WV

(304) 725-4025



Carr Concrete (C382A)                                                         Prestressed Bridge Beams,

Waverly, WV                                                                       misc. precast

(304) 464-4441



Cherry Precast (I0000)                                                          MSE Panels

Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 945-3377



Concrete Fabricators (I0000)                                                Precast Wall Coping

Wheeling, WV

(304) 277-4720



Contech Bridge Solutions (C426A)                                        misc. precast

Dayton, OH

(859) 393-1439



Eagle Concrete Products (E120A)                                        Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Somerset, PA

(814) 445-8955

Eastern Vault (E087A)                                                         Prestressed Bridge Beams,

Princeton, WV                                                                    Box Culverts, Inlets,

(304) 425-8955                                                                    Manholes



Foltz Concrete (I0000)                                                          Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 764-0341



Foster Supply, Inc. (F123A)                                                  Manholes, Box Culverts

Scott Depot, WV                                                                 Redi-Rock Retaining Block

(304) 755-8241



Hanson Pipe (I0000)                                                            Box Culverts

Columbus, OH

(614) 445-3830



Hanson Pipe (C336B)                                                          Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Roanoke, VA

(540) 342-6725



Hawkins Precast (H238A)                                                    Box Culverts

Cheswick, PA

(412) 828-0400



KJ Williams Precast (K104A)                                               MSE Panels

Cumberland, MD

(301) 729-0303


Lindsay Concrete Products                                                     misc. precast

Canal Fulton, OH

(330) 854-4511


Mack Industries (M013A)                                                     misc. precast

Valley City, OH

(330) 483-3111



Mack Industries (M013C)                                                     misc. precast

Vienna, OH

(866) 330-6225


Norwalk Concrete Industries                                                   misc. precast

Norwalk, OH

(419) 668-8167

Newcrete (N136A)                                                                Prestressed Bridge Beams,                       Roaring Spring, PA                                                               misc. precast                                             (814) 224-2121



Packaged Systems, Inc. (P230A)                                         Box Culverts

Sissonville, WV

(304) 984-3333

Old Castle Precast (I0000)                                                    Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Lebanon, TN
(615) 453-6111


Pawnee, Inc. (P348A)                                                          MSE Panels

Coolville, OH

(614) 374-2958



Peerless Block (I0000)                                                         Retaining Wall Block System

St. Albans, WV                                                                   (Recon)

(800) 642-3054



Permatile Pipe Co. (P0880)                                                  Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Bristol, VA                                                                          Box Culverts

(276) 669-5147



Poland Concrete (I0000)                                                       misc. precast

Reedsville, WV

(304) 290-2202



Premier Precast (I0000)                                                        misc. precast

Ironton, OH

(740) 533-3333



Prestress Services Ind., LLC                                                Prestressed Bridge Beams

Lexington, KY     (P149A)

(859) 299-0461



Prestress Services, Ind., LLC                                               Prestressed Bridge Beams

Melbourne, KY     (U186C)

(859) 441-0068



Rinker Materials (H207A)                                                      Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Frederick, MD

(301) 698-7373



Rinker Materials (I0000)                                                        Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Middletown, DE

(302) 378-8920



Rinker Materials (C372D)                                                      Reinforced Concrete Pipe,

Oakdale, PA                                                                        Box Culverts

(412) 923-2490



Rockingham Precast (R129B)                                               Prestressed Bridge Beams,

Harrisonburg, VA                                                                  misc. precast

(540) 433-8282



Rotondo (Oldcastle) (R163A)                                                 misc. precast

Fredericksburg, VA

(540) 898-6300



Sherman-Dixie (I0000)                                                          Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Lexington, KY

(859) 254-4242



United Precast (U018A)                                                        Box Culverts, Inlets

MT. Vernon, OH

(614) 393-1121



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