Video Detection System

Effective Date: October 25,2004

Material Code 1230





Lab Number


ITERIS Video Detection

  • Vantage One (Single Camera Processor)
  • Vantage Plus (1 - 6 camera inputs)
  • Vantage Edge 2 (rack processor)




AUTOSCOPE Video Detection

  • Autoscope Solo Pro NC
  • Autoscope Solo Pro
  • Autoscope Solo Hub
  • Autoscope Solo Mini Hub
  • Autoscope Solo MVP
  • Autoscope Rackvision




  • Camera
    Autoscope Image

  • Autoscope Rack Vision
    Pro 2 (RVP2)





TRAFICON Video Detection

  • VIP3.1 (one camera, one video outputs)
  • VIP3.2 (two cameras, two video outputs)



Note - Camera assemblies shall be as specified by the manufacturer and integral

with the above video processors to construct each video detection system.
Camera assembly shall include a weatherproof housing and integral sunshield
for outdoor installation.  A heater shall be mounted near the face plate of 
the housing to minimize condensation and keep the lens warmer during periods
of cold weather.
The housing shall incorporate a mounting bracket that shall allow proper 
positioning of the camera.  The mounting bracket shall be pre-drilled to allow
attachment to a standard bracket.  Separate connections at the back of the 
housing shall be utilized for both video and power cables.
The camera assemble shall utilize a CCD imager with an adjustable focal length 
lens.  The image produced shall offer excellent rendition of vehicular features
enabling reliable detection day and night, and in all weather conditions.












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