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The Program Planning and Administration Division was recently restructured into the Planning Division and the Programming Division.  While our website is being rebuilt to accommodate the restructuring, service to the public will continue without interruption.   

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Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP)

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Research and Special Studies is responsible for administration of all Federal, State, and State Planning and Research (SPR) funded research projects.

Planning Division

The Planning Division consists of three units with widely differing functions. The Grant Administration Unit manages federal transportation grant programs that provide funding for a variety of “non-traditional” projects, all of which are linked directly or indirectly to various modes of transportation. These grant programs include the Transportation Enhancement, Safe Routes to School, Recreational Trails, National Scenic Byways, and Transportation, Community, and Systems Preservation Programs. Also, the Grant Administration Unit hosts the State Trail Coordinator function and the Division of Highways’ Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator function.

The Statewide and Urban Studies Unit manages the development and maintenance of a long-range statewide transportation plan. In addition, this unit coordinates the West Virginia Department of Transportation’s involvement with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) located in the state’s seven urbanized (above 50,000 population) areas, overseeing and providing technical assistance in meeting federal metropolitan transportation and air quality planning requirements.

The Modeling & Visualization Unit provides regional travel model support to the State’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations in the form of travel forecast model standardization, data gathering and manipulation, and other technical assistance. This unit also provides visualization services for the basic purpose of helping citizens, planners, designers, and decision-makers better understand highway projects. In addition, this unit provides landscape architecture services for various statewide projects including park-and-ride design, non-traditional grant project design, and roadside beautification design.

In addition to the three units described above, the separate Environmental Planning staff functions within the Planning Section to coordinate NEPA clearance for the Transportation Alternatives, Recreational Trails and other projects managed by the Grant Administration Unit, and provides planning/environmental linkage services for transportation studies conducted by the Statewide Planning Unit and for the Project Studies and Prioritization Section.

Preliminary Engineering

Preliminary Engineering performs engineering studies of proposed highway projects and corridors. The scope usually includes development of alternative locations and their evaluation in terms of cost and various social, economic and environmental effects.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information System has been charged with spatially enabling various datasets within the DOT. The Highway Data Services unit maintains roadway data, ranging from surface type and widths to traffic usage. Visit the GIS homepage to find the latest geospatial news, standards, and spatial transportation data.

Program Administration

Program Administration is responsible for administering the Department of Highways Transportation Program. It programs and maintains project specific data for the renovation, improvement and expansion of the WVDOH roadway system. The STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program) is used to guide and maintain a financial constraint program.

Annual Planning Conference

Each year, the WVDOT, together with its local and federal transportation planning partners, develop a conference in West Virginia to provide a venue for a statewide conversation concerning the practice of transportation planning in West Virginia. More information and archives of past conferences are available for viewing.

Freight Plan

The West Virginia State Freight Plan can be accessed by clicking here.  This plan identifies a comprehensive freight route network as well as a future freight planning framework for West Virginia. The plan evaluates the existing transportation systems and how they are used by different industry sectors in and through West Virginia. This plan better positions West Virginia for federal funding, while at the same time building and strengthening relationships with the freight industry through outreach activities.

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