STIP/TIP Amendments

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

Once the STIP is federally approved, certain changes must be made through an amendment and must undergo a public comment period. These types of changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost increases or decreases greater than $2 million.
  • Addition or deletion of projects.
  • Significant changes in the scope of a project.
  • Changes in MPO areas which are part of a TIP.

Other types of changes may be made by an administrative adjustment. Adjustments do not require federal approval. These types of changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost increases or decreases less than $2 million.
  • Changes in funding source.
  • Moving projects within the first four years of the STIP.

List of approved STIP amendments/adjustments. Updates will be added as necessary.


  AMENDMENTS                  ADJUSTMENTS     
     Amendment 1                     Adjustment 1           
  Amendment 2
      Adjustment 2              
  Amendment 3       Adjustment 3    
  Amendment 4          Adjustment 4    
  Amendment 5          Adjustment 5    
  Amendment 6          Adjustment 6     
  Amendment 7          Adjustment 7     
  Amendment 8         Adjustment 8   
  Amendment 9               
  Amendment 10          Adjustment 10      
  Amendment 11          Adjustment 11                
  Amendment 12           Adjustment 12     
  Amendment 13           Adjustment 13     
  Amendment 14          Adjustment 14      


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a staged multi-year; multimodal program of all potential FHWA/FTA funded projects within a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) area. TIPs must go through a public involvement period and be approved by the MPO and Governor. Amendments to the TIP will require a corresponding amendment to the STIP*. The following links provide access to all eight MPO TIP websites:

*A TIP amendment shown on one of these websites will not be amended to the STIP immediately. It must go through the STIP public involvement process. 

Last Updated: Last Updated: 10/04/2017


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