Department of Transportation


Vision Statement:
The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) Geospatial Transportation Information (GTI) Section is committed to managing an enterprise Geospatial Information System that will improve the productivity of the West Virginia Department of Transportation, meet growing customer needs, and play a leading role in West Virginia’s geospatial community.

Mission Statement:

To improve customer service to the citizens of West Virginia by supplying the latest geospatial transportation information. 


  1. To provide geospatial transportation information to the public in a timely manner
  2. To support more informed decision-making across WVDOT using geospatial information
  3. To promote geospatial technology across WVDOT
  4. To improve data sharing and communication across WVDOT
  5. To build an enterprise geospatial system for WVDOT

Intermediate Objectives:

  1. To optimize organization structure and define roles and responsibilities
  2. To improve WVDOT transportation data model
  3. To create and improve transportation GIS data
  4. To spatially enable the Road Inventory Log
  5. To support the annual Highway Performance Monitoring System Geodatabase submittal to FHWA
  6. To develop methods to add or modify roadways on the system utilizing electronic GIS resources
  7. To create WVDOT highway maps using  latest GIS data
  8. To develop metadata
  9. To publish geospatial transportation information in a variety of ways
  10. To support the WVDOT transportation GIS user group and provide GIS training to WVDOT employees
  11. To collaborate with peers in transportation and the geospatial community

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