Department of Transportation


The Planning Division consists of four units that fulfill widely differing functions.  The Grant Administration Unit manages federal transportation grant programs that provide funding for a variety of “non-traditional” projects, all of which are linked to various modes of transportation.  The Statewide Planning Unit manages the development and maintenance of a long-range statewide transportation plan.  In addition, this unit coordinates the West Virginia Department of Transportation’s involvement with statewide planning studies and Metropolitan Planning Organizations thoughout the state.  The Modeling and Visualization Unit provides regional travel modeling support to the State’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations in the form of travel forecasting, model standardization, data gathering and visualization services.  The Environmental Planning Unit coordinates NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) clearance for the Grant Administration Unit’s projects, handles Planning/Environmental Linkage (PEL) for the Planning Section's activities, and coordinates information exchange with the public for a variety of planning studies and projects.

Planning Division

Elwood Penn, Director 
Phone: 304 558-9629
Fax: 304 558-3783