Department of Transportation

County-Wide Transportation Planning Studies

Fairmont-Marion County Transportation Study

This is a Plan for improvements to the transportation system in the City of Fairmont and Marion County, West Virginia, covering a period beginning in the present and extending through the year 2020.

Harrison County Transportation Study

The study will take about 24 months to complete with the outcome being a long range transportation plan for Harrison County. A range of issues and ideas related to the existing transportation network, demographics, socioeconomic characteristics, land use and future travel demand will be considered during the study.

Mercer County Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

The Mercer County Multi-Modal Transportation Plan was completed in July, 2004.  The purpose of the study was to:
    1. Establish a transportation network to meet the needs of the area through the year 2025;
    2. Consider all aspects of a multi-modal transportation system;
    3. Involve all individuals and agencies, public and private, that have an interest in, or who may 
        be impacted by , the Plan;
    4. Evaluate all elements of the Plan in order to establish practical feasibility for implementation;
    5. Fully mitigate any negative consequences and maximize benefits to the Mercer County area; and
    6. Prepare a Plan that had widespread support and was financially attainable.

Last Updated: 12/03/2012