Department of Transportation

Statewide Planning Unit

The Statewide & Urban Planning Unit of the Transportation Planning Section works with the various Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) throughout the state to identify transportation system needs in urbanized areas of West Virginia and to develop long-range, fiscally-constrained plans to address these needs in the most cost-effective manner.  In recent years, the Statewide and Urban Studies Unit's purview has expanded to include the implementation and overseeing of several
county-wide transportation planning studies in counties without MPOs.  The section also cooperates with the MPOs in the conduct of special studies of problem areas requiring more in-depth analysis than the general transportation planning process can provide and works with other authorities, boards and committees helping to secure and guide transportation facility improvements.

The Statewide & Urban Planning Unit is also responsible for the preperation and updating of the Statewide Multi-modal Long Range Transportation Plan that incorporates all the different modes of transportation within the Department of Transportation, including the Statewide Bicycle Connectivity Plan. The Plan, recently updated, gives overall direction to decision makers by forecasting future revenues, estimating needs, and maintaining the current transportation system. Through the planning process of the current update, a project prioritization methodology was developed to be able to compare projects based on similar criteria.

Statewide & Urban Planning 
Perry J. Keller, Unit Leader
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Last Updated: 4/11/2013