Department of Transportation

Safe Driver Program

In 1984, the Division of Public Transit began recognizing outstanding achievement in transportation through the West Virginia Transit Excellence Program. An important part of this program is the recognition of the safe driving records of West Virginia’s transit drivers.

Each year the Division presents certificates to drivers for a year of accident free driving under the Safe Driver Program. The certificates are based on the calendar year and are issued based on the safe driver lists submitted to the Division by the various transit authorities. The transit systems may have additional criteria such as the number of hours worked per year that qualifies an individual for the program, which does not violate any rules of the program. Also, the number of safe driving years does not have to be consecutive.

Drivers are recognized with safety awards when they reach the milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of safe driving.  To view 2015 accident free drivers, click here.

Safe driving years prior to 1984 are not recognized by the Division’s program but may be recognized by the transit systems if they have a separate program. The number of safe driving years is calculated from when an individual first becomes eligible for the program or from 1984, whichever comes first.