Motor Vehicle Salesperson License Information

Salesperson Licensing Instructions and Reminders

  • Salespersons and Finance/Insurance personnel must be licensed. Salesperson license must be kept in his/her possession at all times.
  • Renewal fee for salesperson license is $10.00.
  • After six (6) months of expiration, individuals must start the process for a new license and pay all initial licensing fees. This includes a background check and salesperson test.
  • The duplicate license fee is $5.00 for lost, stolen, or destroyed licenses.
  • Transfer fee is $5.00 and a new salesperson license in the same name of the new employer must be obtained before engaging in the activities of a salesperson.

Salesperson and Finance/Insurance Personnel

  • Complete Salesperson Licensing Application (Download form here or obtain form in DMV regional offices).
  • Applicants must have the employer sign, date, and check the appropriate box in the certification section located at the bottom of the application. 
  • Applicants must have a background check completed through digital fingerprinting. This process is done through SAFRAN MORPHOTRUST USA by calling 1-855-766-7746 or by visiting All background checks must be submitted to DMV Dealer Services.
  • Visit a local DMV Regional Office with your completed application and receipt from Morphotrust and present a valid driver's license or government issued photo ID.
  • Applicants must submit a fee of $7.00 for each licensing year. Payment of fee entitles applicant to one (1) attempt for passing test (76% correct or 19 correct out of 25). Test can be taken not more than once per week.
  • After successfully passing the test, paying all required fees, and submitting receipt from Morphotrust, the division will notify the applicant via letter regarding his or her permanent status once the background check has been completed and approved.  (Note: The Division will automatically update the applicant's temporary license status in the DMV computer system to a permanent license status. It is not necessary to obtain another Salesperson Identification Card).

The DMV does not send renewal notices for the salesperson license.

Helpful Tools & Forms

Salesperson Test Study Guide
Motor Vehicle Salesperson License Application
Salesperson Notification of Change Form