How to Obtain Your Driving Record

Individual Requests:

You may request of copy of your own driving record with DMV Online Services, in person at any branch office of the DMV, or by mail by providing the following:

  • Completed Driving Record Request (DMV-101-PS1) form
  • A copy of your driver's license or state-issued photo identification
  • A $7.50 processing fee if you provide your name and driver’s license number or
  • A $8.50 processing fee if you do not have your driver’s license number (Must include DOB and/or Social Security Number)
  • Please clearly indicate where the driving record is to be mailed. (If applicable)

All Other Driving Record Requests:

  • Completed Driving Record Request (DMV-101-PS1) form
  • Completed Release Authorization (DMV-101-PS2) form
  • A copy of the requestor’s driver's license or state-issued photo identification
  • A $7.50 processing fee per request if you have the driver’s license number and name or
  • A $8.50 processing fee per request, if you do not have the driver’s license number. (Must include DOB and/or Social Security number)

If you are having the driving record faxed to you out-of-state, you must put the fax number on the third line of the PS2 that reads "Individual Name and or/Company Name if Applicable". This releases the DMV to fax it to this number.

All requests for a driving record on an employee or client must have a completed Release Authorization (DMV-101-PS2) form and must be mailed to the below address.

You may not obtain information about others without their written consent on the Release Authorization (DMV-101-PS2) form or unless the request is made on company or business letterhead and provides a legitimate and detailed reason for the request as defined by the Uniform Motor Vehicles Records Disclosure Act.

If you do not qualify for the information requested, you may submit the form Message Forwarding Service to a WV Driver’s Licensee or ID Card Holder (DMV-102-DL). On this form you may write a message and the Division of Motor Vehicles will forward the form with all information you provide to the licensee at their current address in our records. This service has a non-refundable fee of $7.50. The DMV does not guarantee a delivery or response.

Mail requests to:
Driving Records Section
PO Box 17020
Charleston, WV 25317

For further information, you may contact DMV by the following means:

Fax: (304) 957-7584
Phone Number: (304) 926-3952