Safety & Treatment Program FAQ

Q: I am not a WV resident; do I have to come back to WV to complete my classes?
A: Non-WV residents may complete their Safety and Treatment requirements in their state of residence, employment, military post, or educational institution.

Q: Can I mail in my residency form/payment now or do I have to wait until I have finished the classes?
A: Payment, residency form, etc. may be sent in separately ahead of class completion. Please make sure if you do send in items separately that they are clearly labeled with your name and identifying information (file number or driver’s license number).

Q: Can I come to the DMV to pay my fees? Can I pay my fee online? Can I pay my fee over the phone? 
A: Your safety and treatment fees are payable in person at the Charleston/Kanawha City DMV or by mail to:

West Virginia DMV
Safety and Treatment Program
P.O. Box 17070
Charleston, WV  25317

Q: Can I come to the DMV to turn in my paperwork?
A: Paperwork may be submitted by mail, fax, email, or in person at the Charleston/Kanawha City DMV.

Q: How long do I have to take my classes and turn in my paperwork?
A: There is no time constraint on completing or turning in your Safety and Treatment documents (unless you are part of the Interlock program), however you will be unable to reinstate your license until you have complied with the terms of the Safety and Treatment Program.

Q: What is the schedule of the classes? How many hours/days per week?
A: Class scheduling varies by location and provider. The in-state program is a minimum of one 3 hour class per week for a time period determined by the provider. Your provider will give you more detail regarding scheduling and time required for program compliance.

Q: How much do the classes cost?
A: The in-state program is approximately $400-$450 to enroll based on provider and location. Additional fees may be required based on prescribed levels of treatment. 
Out of State class fees vary, and in addition to any fees charged by the provider, a $125 administration fee must be submitted to satisfy Safety and​ Treatment Program requirements.

Q: Can I complete the classes online?
A: West Virginia currently does not accept any online coursework. 

Q: Do I mail the paperwork or does the provider? 
A: Paperwork may be turned in by either the provider or the DUI offender. However, remember that getting the paperwork turned in to DMV is your responsibility. Be sure to keep copies of all paperwork sent to DMV by yourself or the provider. 

Q: How can my agency become an authorized Safety & Treatment Provider?
AThe Division of Motor Vehicles Safety and Treatment Unit is responsible for establishing and providing oversight for a comprehensive safety and treatment program for driver’s convicted of or revoked for driving under the influence of legal or illicit substances. WV Legislative Code states that Community Behavioral Health Centers and other providers shall offer and operate the Program under agreement with the DMV and must meet all State of West Virginia DUI Safety and Treatment Program Standards for Educational Curriculum, Treatment Services and Quality Assurance.

For more information regarding becoming an authorized Safety & Treatment Provider, please contact or 1-877-215-2522.