New 2014 Laws Go Into Effect


CHARLESTON, WV-Beginning this week, West Virginians will notice some changes in DMV laws.

  • Senate Bill 434 allows DUI offenders to get on the Ignition Interlock program immediately if they do not request a hearing.  This immediate enrollment will protect other motorists while speeding the rehabilitation of the offender.
  • Senate Bill 431 will soon allow drivers in West Virginia to renew their license online, with a proposed 2015 rollout.  Also, beginning June 5, 2014, persons requesting the optional REAL ID, labeled as “For Federal Identification”, will pay an additional $10 fee due to additional costs to produce and issue these cards.  The fees for “Not For Federal Identification” driver’s licenses and identification cards remain the same.
  • Senate Bill 427 makes changes to the upcoming electronic insurance verification process and removes the outdated paper reporting requirement of cancellation notices by insurance companies.
  • House Bill 2477 allows motorcyclists to install certain types of auxiliary white and amber
    colored lights on their motorcycles to help them be seen better on roadways.  The law sets specific guidelines for these auxiliary lights.
  • Finally, an important change in Federal Rule that specifically affects CDL holders, took effect May 21, 2014.  Drivers that operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce, must have their next Department of Transportation (DOT) physical completed by a certified medical examiner listed on the FMCSA’s National Registry web site, located at

These changes in legislation represent positive movement in keeping West Virginia’s drivers and roadways safe.  Customers that have questions on new legislation may contact the DMV Call Center at 1-800-642-9066.