WV DMV Showcases New Kiosk at Star City Sheetz



-DMV Commissioner Pat Reed announced this morning that two of DMV’s most popular transactions may now be conducted 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the Star City Sheetz on Monongahela Blvd.

“As we continue to add kiosks across the state, we are seeing more and more customers “Skip the Line” and take advantage of these quick and efficient transaction opportunities,” said Reed.  “The three kiosks, located here in the Star City Sheetz, the Beckley Sheetz on Eisenhower Drive, and outside the Kanawha City DMV, will help you renew your driver’s license and vehicle registration in just minutes.”

To access the driver’s license renewal process, simply bring your current or expiring driver’s license, renewal form with pin number, and credit card to one of the three kiosk locations.  Once at the machine, you will be able to process your transaction in just minutes, and receive a receipt to keep with you until your hard copy comes in the mail.  Renewing your vehicle registration card can be even faster.  Bring your most recent property tax receipt (full year 2015 or first half 2016), current or expiring registration card, insurance information, and credit card, and your decal and new registration card are printed immediately at the kiosk.

Customers with driver’s license changes, including name or address change, will still need to visit their local DMV Regional Office for service.



For additional information, please contact the WV DMV at 1-800-642-9066, or visit the DMV website at