ATV Safety and Awareness

WV ATV Safety Awareness Program 

The West Virginia ATV Safety & Awareness Program was developed after AN ACT to amend the code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new chapter, designated §17F-1-1, §17F-1-2, §17F-1-3, §17F-1-4, §17F-1-5, §17F-1-6,§17F-1-7, §17F-1-8 and §17F-1-9, all relating to the regulation of all-terrain vehicles generally; prohibiting operation on interstate highways and on center-lined roads or roads with more than two lanes; exceptions to prohibition; prohibiting operation with more than one passenger unless allowed under manufacturers’ specifications; prohibiting child passengers unless operator is an adult or has a level two intermediate driver’s license; requiring certain equipment; prohibiting riders under the age of eighteen without a helmet; providing for criminal penalties for violations; requiring safety awareness courses; creating exceptions; providing for regulation by local government authority; requiring rental dealers to provide safety equipment; providing certain exemptions for use on private property; providing exemption for farm and commercial use; and clarifying application of rules of operation.

For questions abo​ut the ATV Safety & Awareness Program please contact Program Coordinator, Donnie Hale, at at (304) 637-0320 or (304) 926-2509.

ATV Safety Awareness Training

ATV Safety & Awareness Training is available at any DMV Regional Office between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM during any normal operating ​business day.

Find the office nearest you.

Are you looking for fun things to do on an ATV in West Virginia?

Check out this link to Trails Heaven. This website has great information on the Hatfield and McCoy Trail system in WV, including maps and trail use rules. The Trail System is very safety oriented with specific rules and dedicated officers or park rangers who enforce them throughout the system.