Parent and Caregiver Resources

​​​Would you like your child's safety seat checked for proper installation? For a fitting station visit your region's highway safety page by clicking on the map here or by opening the complete list here.

Child Safety Seat Identification Stickers

Child safety seat emergency identification sticker

If a crash should occur, and the parent or caregiver is unconscious or fatally injured, these stickers ensure rapid identification of small children in car seats or boosters in the event of an emergency.

The parent or caregiver is encouraged to fill out the information on the sticker and place it on the right front corner (child's right) under the cushion or center back of the child's safety seat. The two small round stickers should be visibly placed on both sides of the seat. To obtain these stickers email CPS Coordinator, Amy Boggs at

Proper Child Safety Seat Installation

Click here, for detailed recommendations and instructions.

Choosing the Right Seat for Your Child

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study, three out of four kids are not as secure as they should be. Click here for a NHTSA guide on choosing the right car seat.

For information on occupant protection of all ages, including WV laws regarding adult and child passenger safety, click here.

Additionally, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the National CPS Board both have excellent resources on child passenger safety. 

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