Personalized Plate Ordering Information

  1. All fees must be submitted with application.
  2. An applicant must first title their vehicle and have a regular Class A plate issued on that vehicle. No requests will be accepted unless the Division has a record of that vehicle and current plate.
  3. Personalized plates are issued for Class A vehicles only - automobiles, trucks, weighing under 10,000 pounds, and motorcycles.
  4. A personalized plate will be issued if the Division of Motor Vehicles determines:
    • The requested choice is available. (Click here for a personalized plate search)
    • The requested choice is not obscene or possibly offensive.
    • The requested choice does not conflict with a regular series license number.
  5. You may select up to:
    • eight (8) characters for Standard or Scenic
    • six (6) characters for 9-11, Wildlife, or Motorcycle
    • and up to five (5) for Patriotic plates.
    The minimum number of characters allowed is two (2). Symbols, punctuation marks, and numbers 1 to 2000 are not allowed.
  6. Once a personalized plate is issued, it may continue to be reserved yearly if the fees are paid when required.
  7. A personalized plate can be transferred to another vehicle in the original registrant's name or from husband to wife or wife to husband. A $5.00 transfer fee and $.50 insurance fee is required.
  8. When the applicant receives the personalized plate, the currently assigned regular plate and registration must be returned to the Division of Motor Vehicles within ten days.
  9. If application is being returned for correct fees, approved choice is only reserved for 30 days from date of send back.
  10. All requests for personalized plates must be submitted, in writing, on this form to the Division.
  11. Motorcycle license plates are limited to six spaces and cannot be issued on the scenic graphic.
  12. The $15.00 reservation fee for the scenic or standard graphic is due annually at renewal.
  13. The wildlife reservation fee is $30.00, due annually at the time of renewal. Of this fee, $15.00 goes to Non-game Wildlife Fund.

Fees for New Plate

Standard Graphic
Scenic Graphic
Wildlife Graphic
Plate begins with 1 or is a personalized plate
Plate begins with a 2
Plate begins with a 3
Plate begins with a 4
Plate begins with a 5
Plate begins with a 6
Plate begins with a 7
Plate begins with a 8
Plate begins with a 9
Plate begins with a O
Plate begins with a N
Plate begins with a D


Standard Graphic • Includes annual $15.00 Reservation Fee, $1.00 litter fee, $.50 insurance fee and registration fees.

Scenic Graphic • Includes annual $15.00 Reservation Fee, $1.00 litter fee, $.50 insurance fee and a one-time $10.00 fee.

Wildlife Graphic • Includes annual $15.00 Reservation Fee, annual $15.00 non-game wildlife fund fee, $1.00 litter fee, $.50 insurance fee, and a one-time $10.00 fee.

NOTE: If plate has already been renewed, the total fees will be $20.50 for regular graphic , $30.50 for the scenic graphic, $45.50 for wildlife graphic.

Time remaining before January 1 will be applied as a credit to the cost of the new plate. All time after January 1 will be lost.

Apply Online


Submit completed application form and fees to:

Department of Transportation
Division of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 17120
Charleston, WV 25317