Department of Transportation


Career Opportunities

The West Virginia Department of Transportation offers a variety of career opportunities that are personally enriching in their service to the citizens of West Virginia.

Extensive training, educational and networking opportunities make our employees among the best trained and most respected in their fields of expertise. Apply now to become a part of this exciting and rewarding organization. Current and former state employees that have completed a probationary period can apply through the Department of Transportation Internal Job Postings
All other applicants must apply through the West Virginia Division of Personnel and be placed on a competitive register to be eligible for employment.  

Current Jobs - PSA

Administrative Services Manager 1 - Harrison County​

Database Administrator 2 - Kanawha County, Strategic Performance Management Division​

Driver 1 - Kanawha County

Electronics Technician 3 - Kanawha County, Traffic Engineering Division​

Highway Engineer Associate - Kanawha County, Planning Division

Highway Equipment Specialist - Upshur County​

Personnel Specialist Associate - Kanawha County​

Current Jobs - Continuous Openings

Realty Agent 2

Realty Agent 3

Realty Trainee

Storekeeper 2

Storekeeper 3

Transportation Engineering Technician - Associate

Transportation Engineering Technician Enrollee 1

Transportation Engineering Technician Enrollee 2

Transportation Engineering Technician Enrollee 3

Transportation Engineering Technician Trainee (W)

Transportation Engineering Technician

Transportation Worker 2 - Auto Body Repair

Transportation Worker 3 - Auto Body Repair

Transportation Worker 2 - Bridge Maintenance

Transportation Worker 3 - Bridge Maintenance

Transportation Worker 2 - Building Trades

Transportation Worker 3 - Building Trades

Transportation Worker 3 - Core Drilling

Transportation Worker 3 - Crew Chief

Transportation Worker 2 - Equipment Operation

Transporation Worker 3 - Equipment Operation

Transportation Worker 2 - Equipment Repair

Transportation Worker 3 - Equipment Repair

Transportation Worker 2 - Metal Work

Transportation Worker 3 - Metal Work

Transportation Worker 1 - Highway Maintenance

Transportation Worker 2 - Highway Maintenance

Transportation Worker 3 - Highway Maintenance