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TRET Certification Program


Transportation Engineering Technician Certification Program 
Transportation Engineering Technician Certification Program              


Transportation Engineering Technicians (TRET) help civil engineers design, build, and maintain our roads and bridges. TRET’s are interested in solving problems and want to understand how things work. They generally like math and science. If you enjoy working outdoors on a regular basis or working in an office using advanced technology, this program may be for you. Ideally the West Virginia Division of Highways  hires technicians that have a two-year or four-year technical degree. However the WVDOH is using a new approach in dealing with its technician shortages. This innovative program combines on-line training courses and hands-on field experience to develop our next generation of technicians. In partnership with West Virginia’s Community and Technical colleges, this program offers academic credit toward an A. A. S. degree while obtaining fulltime work experience.

The entry level trainee position (Transportation Engineering Technician Trainee) requires a high school degree or GED and no work experience.  More information on how to apply is available at:

Most TRET's begin as trainees under experienced technicians or civil engineers. As the trainees gain on-line training and work experience, they are given more responsibility and higher pay. Some technicians move on to supervisory positions. Those desiring to pursue a more ambitious career path, may get additional education and become civil engineers.

For more information on the Transportation Engineering Technician Certification Program go to: