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WV DOT Co-op Program

The West Virginia Department of Transportation's (WVDOT) Co-op Program is designed to provide Engineering, Accounting, Information Technology, Law, Business, Environmental, etc. students with practical experiences related to transportation.

Work assignments provide experience in various aspects such as:

Engineering Accounting Information Technology Environmental Resources
Construction Finance PC Programming Construction Inspection
Design Budget Engineering and Specialty Systems Storm Water
Bridge Auditing Asbestos
​Traffic Building Inspection
​Materials FEMA, GIS
​Maintenance Underground Storage Tanks

Typical engineering assignments include inspecting work in progress at construction sites, calculating quantities of materials, reviewing and analyzing data, and participating in field reviews. College graduates with WVDOT Co-op experience find they are well-prepared for responsible entry-level engineering positions.

Typical accounting assignments may include complex posting, encumbering of funds, examining records, making journal entries, and preparing audit narrative reports.

Typical IT assignments may include PC Programming requiring knowledge of Microsoft Visual Basic.Net and C#, Java Script, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Office Suite;
Engineering and Specialty Systems involving support, design, training, implementation and maintenance of Engineering and related applications.

Typical Environmental Program assignments may include Construction Inspection, Storm Water, Asbestos, Building Inspection, FEMA,GIS, and Underground Storage Tanks.

Engineering student applicants must have completed at least one year of a four year Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental, Chemical, Material Science, or Industrial Engineering BS program, a two or four-year BSCET program, accounting program or information technology program. Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to participate and be enrolled full time (12 semester hours) the semester preceding and succeeding the period for which they are applying.

As a Co-op employee you will be a temporary full-time employee and as such will not be eligible for retirement benefits, insurance, sick or annual leave, extended leave benefits, cost of living raises, etc. Co-ops can only be employed for a maximum of four months per work session.

You can download the 2024​ Co-Op Application Process Instructions here. The new co-op link is here for the online process.​ To apply for a Co-op position, students must submit a Co-op application, current transcripts (official or unofficial), and a photocopy of their driver's license.  

If selected, the students will be notified by email provided on the application by the last week of April as to where and when they can report to work. Start date will be the middle of May.

Compensation is based on the number of hours earned toward a degree and number of co-ops previously worked. Comp​ensation range is $2,253.33 -  $3,206.67/month.​