Department of Transportation

Beyond the Barrel

Bill Swan

Misty Evans

The Booth Family

For the past 20 years, Highway Safety, Inc. has been dedicated to keeping the men and women who work on West Virginia highways safe.  Lisa Booth started the business and recruited her three sons to work for her.  She's a mom who takes safety seriously and is hopeful their story will encourage drivers to slow down, stay alert and avoid distractions in work zones.  

Rick Hazelwood


In 2009, Rick Hazelwood was flagging traffic when his DOH truck was hit by a car. Rick was hit and suffered fractures to his tailbone, ankle and leg. Somehow, he managed to check on the other driver and continued to flag traffic as he waited on an ambulance to arrive. Rick asks drivers to slow down and avoid distractions in work zones.

Series Introduction

"Beyond the Barrel" is a web series created by the West Virginia DOH Communications Office. Each video features the personal stories of those who know all too well the dangers of working on the roads. We invite you to watch and encourage all drivers to slow down and stay alert when entering a work zone.