The National Digital Titling Clearinghouse

Created by West Virginia for all states and territories

Learn More About the National Digital Titling Clearinghouse

To manage your personal vehicle, visit the West Virginia DMV's online services.
What is required?​​
  1. Complete the Application Form
  2. MV-100-CH: Clearinghouse $250,000 Surety Bond
  3. NIST Level 2 Letter of Attestation
  4. Information Security (Infosec) Questionnaire
  5. SOC II Type II Record of Compliance (ROC) Report
  6. Proof of a valid business license from state of residence

What are the next steps?
  • After completing the online form, a Clearinghouse representative will either approve or reject your application. If approved, you will then be sent a link to set up your account. If rejected, you will be provided a reason as to why and given the steps necessary to correct the issue.
  • Once account is set up, you will receive your NRB (non-resident business) Clearinghouse number 
  • You will then be contacted to begin the certification and integration process
  • Once integration/certification is complete, you will be fully ready to begin processing through the Clearinghouse

Ready to get started? Sign up below to transfer vehicle titles digitally through our Clearinghouse department:

Please email​​ any questions.​