` Dealers Licensing


Dealers Licensing

Minimum requirements can be mailed upon request of the dealer by calling (304) 926-0705

Upon receiving the minimum requirement handout, follow these steps:

  • Contact the office of dealer services to set an appointment for a pre- inspection of the dealership location.
  • The inspector will deliver the application package.

Dealer licensing requirements *(unless otherwise indicated)

  • Completed application
  • $25,000 surety bond--bond not required for repo-financial institution, mfg-manufacturer and trs-transporter.
  • 20/40/10 Dealer Liability Insurance *(insurance not required for ls-license service)
  • Personal property tax receipt in the name of each owner/corporate officer or an affidavit from the county in which the dealership will be located stating that no taxes are owed
  • Pictures of dealership and sign with letters no less than 4” in height
  • A valid business license in the state of W.V.
  • Garage agreement if required
  • Franchise agreement if required

When dealer services receives your application, an inspector will be sent to fingerprint all owners/corporate officers and to get signatures on a release of information waiver.

Dealer Services will work with the other agencies to get the following information:

  • Prospective dealers must be approved through the bureau of employment programs for non-delinquency of unemployment benefits.
  • Criminal investigation bureau reports must be returned stating “no record”
  • Dealer services must receive a letter of good standing from the tax department in the names of all owners/corporate officers.

Upon receipt and approval of all the above, a license certificate will be issued and dealer plates will be sent to the dealer.

Class of Licenses Application

Dealer Licensing and Renewal Fees
Class of Licenses Application
Licensing Year
D-New & Used  $250.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Duc-Used  $250.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Drv-Recreational  $250.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Dtr-Trailer  $250.00   $25.00 July 1 to June 30
F-Motorcycle  $250.00   $10.00 July 1 to June 30
Mfg-Manufacturer  $250.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Trs-Transporter  $250.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Aa-Auto Auction  $250.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Wdr-Wrecker  $250.00   $15.00 July 1 to June 30
Repo-Financial  $100.00    $100.00   July 1 to June 30
Ls-License Service   $25.00    $ 25.00   Jan. 1 to Dec. 31

Temporary Plates

Dealers can visit our office or apply by mail order to purchase temporary plates at a cost of $3.00 per plate

Dealer Recovery Fund

New dealers applying for a license and dealer's renewing an existing license are required to pay a $150.00 into the recovery fund.