Department of Transportation

Motor Vehicle Salesperson License Information

NEW Salesperson Licensing Instructions

  • Applicants must have a background check done through digital fingerprinting. This process is done through SAFRAN MORPHOTRUST USA, call 1-855-766-7746 or visit All background checks must be submitted to:
    DMV Dealer Services
    ATTN: Salespersons Licensing
    PO Box 17100
    Charleston, WV 25317
  • Applicants will be charged a fee of $7.00 for each licensing year. Salesperson licenses are valid for not less than one year and not more than five years, as determined by the applicants birthday. Payment entitles the applicant one attempt to pass the test. To pass the test the applicant must score at least 19 correct out of 25, or receive a 76%. The test can only be taken once every seven days.
  • Upon passing the test, the applicant will be issued a temporary salesperson license, valid for 90 days.
  • Upon receipt of the background check, the DMV will notify the applicant via letter regarding approval or denial of their salesperson license.

RENEWAL Salesperson Licensing Instructions

  • Renewal applicants must take the salesperson license and application to their nearest DMV regional office for renewal.  The fee for a non-expired salesperson license renewal is $10.00.
  • If the applicant has allowed their salesperson license to expire and it has been 6 months or less from the date of expiration, the applicant will be required to pay a $5.00 late fee in addition to the renewal fee.
  • If the applicant has allowed their salesperson license to expire and it has been more than 6 months since the date of expiration, the applicant must start the application process as a new applicant (see instructions for NEW salesperson licensing).
  • If the applicant needs to transfer their salesperson license a $5.00 transfer fee is charged. In order to qualify for a transfer you must do so within 10 days of the transfer.
  • If the applicant needs to replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed salesperson license a $5.00 duplicate fee is charged.

All salespersons and finance/insurance personnel must be licensed.  When conducting business, the salesperson license must be kept in their possession at all times.

The DMV does not send renewal notices for the salesperson license.

Helpful Tools & Forms

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