Department of Transportation

Contracts and Contract Bonds


We are pleased to inform you that Contracts and Contract Bonds are now available to be completed and submitted electronically, with no hard copy required. 

**Additional information will be made available in the near future regarding the notary portion of electronic contracts and contract bonds.


When you are awarded a project, if you wish to complete your contract and contract bond electronically, please let us know so that we may send it to you through our electronic signature service provider. 

Please note, however, that all notaries licensed in West Virginia using the electronic signature service MUST first be registered with the West Virginia Secretary of State by completing the E-Notarization Application (there is no cost for currently licensed notaries).  For notaries licensed outside of West Virginia, the home state must accept electronic notarization.   In addition, all notaries must be registered with DocuSign®, the West Virginia Division of Highways’ electronic signature service provider.  Additional information can be found at the following links:


If you have any questions regarding the electronic submittal of Contracts and Contract Bonds, please contact Sasha Danberry, Assistant Director – Contractor Prequalification and Contract Processing, Contract Administration Division, at or (304) 414-6990.