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Q. When is letting information posted?

A. Letting information is posted according to the following schedule.


Listing of advertised contracts with bid items and quantities

     Updated by 9:00 A.M. on first workday following any advertisement.

EBS file transfer capability

     Updated by 9:00 A.M. on second workday following any advertisement.

Bid Results

     Uploaded by 2:00 P.M. on letting date.

Q. How do I print text files such as Bid Tabulation and Notices to Contractors to my printer?

 A. Bid Tabulations and the Notice to Contractors are formatted for landscape printing, therefore your page setup or page properties need to be changed before printing these documents. For instance, within Explorer:

Select Page Setup from the menu File,
Select Landscape for the Orientation,
Set Left and Right Margins as 0.3”,
Set Top and Bottom Margins as 0.75”,
Select Printer or
Select OK and then Print from the menu File

 Q. How do I get my page breaks before the titles or headers within the document?

 A. Documents, which contain multiple titles and page headers throughout the document, are database dumps of documents that are formatted to be printed on our mainframe printers. The text files have numbers such as 0, 1, or 1 and a 0 in the left margins just before the title or header. These numbers can be replaced with a manual page break using a standard word processor. For instance within Explorer:

Select Save As File from the menu File,
Select Directory to place the file in,
Complete the field, File name, with a unique name for the file being save to the disk.
Open the document (file) using a word processor such as Microsoft Word,
Select Page Setup from the menu File,
Select Landscape for the Orientation from the Paper Size menu, and
Set Left and Right Margins as 0.3”, and Set Top and Bottom Margins as 0.75” from the Margins menu,
From the Edit menu choose Select All and
 Set the font type to Courier and the size to 8
From the Edit menu choose Replace and complete the fields for a number such as 1 within the left margin denoting the title or header
Find What: ^p1
Replace With: ^m
 where ^p and ^m represents Special replacement for a Paragraph Mark and Manual Page Break
 Note: The above values will vary between documents (files)

Q. Why the acronym DC?

 A. The Contract Administration Division reports to the Deputy State Highway Engineer/Construction.


Q. Why am I getting old information?

 A. If you appear to be getting stale web content, try reloading the page first. If that fails, go to your browser’s Network Preferences and clear both the “Memory” and “Disk Caches.” Your browser is holding previously accessed information/pages in your memory and cache and referring to them instead of reloading the most current information.

If this becomes a constant problem for you, you can also change your “Check Documents” setting in Network Preferences by clicking the “Every Time” button. By doing this your browser will “Check” each document/page “Every Time” it is accessed for any changes that have occurred since the last time you accessed that same document/page. This will insure that you will always receive current information, however, it may take more download time due to the automatic reloading process on every page, every time you access it.
Whichever option you choose, please be advised that the reloading process is particularly important, and should be done often, when using Calder’s web site due to the constant updating of information.
If you are using a browser in which these options do not apply, contact your browser developer. In the case where your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has it’s own built in browser such as AOL, contact AOL directly for instructions on clearing cached (old information) from your browser.

Q. What is the policy on Letting deferral due to technical issues?

A. Please the attached policy.