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This Web page will provide samples of complete sets of contract plans, in order to standardize the production of such plans throughout the Division of Highways. All samples contained herein apply to contract plans developed by all Central Office Divisions, consultants, and all District offices. It should be noted that this Web page is for information only and should not be used in lieu of any Design Directive.  The samples on this web page are intended to give a clearer understanding of how each set of contract plans should appear or be presented. The .PDF image files contained on this web page are a compilation of projects that were submitted by consultants and West Virginia Division of Highways in-house design section.  These samples represent projects with a diverse collection of sheet topics including; Erosion and Sediment Control, Environmental Mitigation, Soil and Geologic Information, and Structure Plans.   It should be noted that these projects were completed prior to the implementation of the 2006 Cadd standards manual and the revised order of sheets in DD-701.

Sample Sets included on this web page are:


Small Roadway Project


Small Bridge Projects

Large Roadway Projects 

Corridor H Contract 06

Large Bridge projects


Miscellaneous information on this web page:


Right of way plans  DD‑301