Department of Transportation

Electronic Data Submittal Checklist

Electronic data submittals are for information purposes only. The set of plans containing the seal and signature of the engineer shall be the record set of contract documents. All electronic data submittals must be submitted to the WVDOT project manager. The WVDOT project manager shall have the sole responsibility for the acceptance of the submitted material. Electronic data submittals required by this contract are presented on this page. Please print the page and use it as a checklist when submitting data electronically.

1. Original Terrain and Topography in .dgn and .dtm format.
(ver. _____)

2. Right of Way information in a MicroStation .dgn format.
(ver. _______)

3. a. Final Design represented by cross-section in soe. (ASCII format)

b. Final Design in InRoads .alg format.

c. Original, Design and Final design digital terrain models in InRoads .dtm format.

4. All bid package plan sheets in MicroStation .dgn format.
(ver. ________)

5. Bridge plans and details in MicroStation .dgn format.
(ver. _______)

6. All project special provisions in a WordPerfect or Microsoft Word format. (ver. ___________)

7. Photogrammetry

a. 9"x9" contact prints (control)
b. Film diapositives.
c. Control point report.
d. Sheeted mylars with index sheet
e. All data files on floppies or 8mm UNIX tape

8. Other:___________________________________