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CADD Data Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the Information Services Electronic Data Submission Guidelines Page

The WVDOT is committed to providing electronic access to our standard drawing and specification files. We make every reasonable effort to make sure our electronic data is up to date and accurate.

The files located throughout this server are subject to change. The recipient will be responsible for maintaining contact with the West Virginia Department of Transportation and determine if any future WVDOT changes affect the work being produced by the recipient. Although the WVDOT makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its work, it cannot guarantee that the transferred files are error free. The WVDOT accepts no responsibility for costs or other adverse consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may occur to the recipient or any subsequent users of the information, due to errors that may or may not be detected.

The data conveyed to the recipient was developed for the MicroStation CADD system and there are many areas where file data cannot be made compatible with other CADD software. The recipient is responsible for determining the incompatible file data and the resolution of any incompatibilities.

The digital data was captured and/or developed for West Virginia Department of Transportation. Files transferred to recipients may not be sold or transferred to others without written approval from the West Virginia Department of Transportation. The digital data may not be used for any other commercial purposes or clients.