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Beckley Z-Way Shady Springs To Beaver

Beckley Z-Way 
The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) is conducting this informational workshop public meeting to make available the approved US 19 Shady Spring to Beaver Project Environmental Assessment. This meeting complies with the public involvement requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Copies of the Environmental Assessment are available below and at the meeting. You are encouraged to examine the Environmental Assessment and discuss the project with members of the study team. A handout with project details will be available at the meeting.

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

The FONSI for this project is available for review.

Project Description

The preferred alternative will widen 3.65 miles of existing US 19 from WV 3 (Hinton Road) to a point just north of County Route 19/54 (Granby Circle). By widening to both sides of the existing road, impacts to existing residences, businesses, and environmental features will be avoided to a great extent. The new configuration will provide a through-lane in each direction and a continuous left turn lane throughout the corridor. It will correct poor horizontal and vertical geometry and eliminate many of the existing skewed intersections. The through-lanes will be 12 feet wide and the continuous turning lane will be 14 feet wide. The estimated construction cost of the preferred alternative is $35 million. This cost does not include final design, right-of-way, or utility relocations.

Tentative Project Schedule

​Environmental Assessment Approved (EA) ​April 17, 2018
​Informational Workshop Public Meeting ​June 26, 2018
​Comments Due ​July 26, 2018
Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) ​August 16, 2018
​Right of Way Acquisition ​January 2021
​Construction ​October 2021

Project Video

The informational video for this project can be downloaded here.


The comment period for this project ended on July 26th, 2018.

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EA Documents



Appendix A-Public Involvement Materials.pdfAppendix A-Public Involvement Materials5/30/2018 1:52 PM434 KB
Appendix B-Final Design Study Report.pdfAppendix B-Final Design Study Report5/30/2018 1:53 PM34385 KB
Appendix C-Environmental Justice Analysis.pdfAppendix C-Environmental Justice Analysis5/30/2018 1:53 PM305 KB
Appendix D-Agency Coordination Letters.pdfAppendix D-Agency Coordination Letters5/30/2018 1:54 PM5138 KB
Appendix E-Aquatic Resources Report.pdfAppendix E-Aquatic Resources Report5/30/2018 1:54 PM9942 KB
Appendix F-Potential Hazardous Waste Analysis.pdfAppendix F-Potential Hazardous Waste Analysis5/30/2018 1:54 PM1087 KB
Appendix G-Section 4f De Minimis Determination.pdfAppendix G-Section 4f De Minimis Determination5/30/2018 1:54 PM103 KB
Appendix H-Secondary and Cumulative Effects Analysis.pdfAppendix H-Secondary and Cumulative Effects Analysis5/30/2018 1:55 PM108 KB
EA.pdfEA5/30/2018 1:49 PM7589 KB