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Hal Greer Blvd Widening

Hal Greer Boulevard Widening Project
The West Virginia Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration is seeking comments regarding the widening of Hal Greer Boulevard. The project consists of widening WV Route 10 (Hal Greer Boulevard) between Charleston Avenue and 10th Avenue for a distance of 0.16 miles, creating a continuous center turn lane.

The widening project will relieve traffic congestion and create a safer corridor. The 2004 Average Daily Traffic is 17,500 vehicles per day.

The project will require approximately 3000 square feet (an average of 3.5 feet in width) of right of way in front of the Northcott Court Apartments. A crash resistant pedestrian railing will be constructed to provide extra safety along between the sidewalk and the roadway.

An 8-megabyte PDF file with existing and proposed conditions is available for download here

Please share your comments on the project as they are valuable to the decision-making process.​​