Department of Transportation

Core Boring Contract Review Procedures

  1. The WVDOH is to approve the boring layout and contract documents, making certain that the documents reflect the most recent revisions; as of this writing (6/1/18) the most recent revision date is February 22, 2016. The WVDOH is to then email the consultant to give the authorization to receive bids.
  2. The consultant is to provide the WVDOH with the date, time, and place for the bid opening for either the advertisement or the solicitation.
  3. Immediately after the bid opening, the consultant is to provide to the WVDOH with the bid tabulations and a statement that all of the bids’ requirements are met and all documents have been provided (i.e., complete Proposal Form, Guaranty Form, Competitive Bidding Affidavit, and Non-Discrimination of Minority Business form) and that the Mobilization/Demobilization bid price meets the requirement set forth in the Contract documents, which is generally no more than 15% of the total Contract Bid Price less the Mobilization/Demobilization cost.  The WVDOH is to then acknowledge and either approve or reject the low bid.
  4. The consultant is to notify the low bidder and return all of the bid bonds except for the three (3) lowest bidders. (Once the Contract is executed, the three lowest bidders are notified that they are released from their bid bond.)
  5. The low bidder is to provide the consultant with a performance bond, certificate of insurance, and a certificate of workers' compensation.  The WVDOH is to review these documents and give the notice to proceed.