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How to Participate

We invite you to participate in Operation Wildflower by donating money for funding. For a donation of $300, a one-half-acre wildflower plot will be planted at the site of your choice. A donation of $600 will entitle you to a one-acre site. You may send smaller donations, to be deposited in the general fund and applied toward the cost of maintenance and upkeep of existing wildflower sites.

We encourage the public to plant wildflowers on private property. A packet of information which includes instructions for soil preservation and planting as well as a source list for wildflower seeds recommended for West Virginia is available for individuals who want to grow their own wildflowers.

For information about sponsoring a wildflower site or planting wildflowers in West Virginia, call: 1-800-322-5530 or you can visit WVDEP's Operation Wildflower webpage