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Upcoming Materials Contracts

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The Materials Division Consultant Agreements are considered pre-qualified listings which are continuously open and are renewed on a 5-year basis.  

Upcoming Consultant​ Contracts​

Upcoming MCS&T Consultant Contracts:​
1.  Asphalt Materials Testing Services
2.  Cathodic Protection Services
3.  Environmental Assesment and Remediation Services
4.  Environmental Laboratory Testing Services
5.  Engineering Services
6.  Geotechnical Drilling Services
7.  Pavement Testing Services
8.  Sampling and Inspection Services
9.  Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Testing Services

2018: The current consultants under our Statewide Agreements for this Division were procured for the 2016. The current Consultants for the 2018 calendar year are available for download as a PDF.

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