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Stakeholders and the Public

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Stakeholder and Public EngagementUpdated on January 8, 2021

Stakeholder and Public Engagement will occur throughout the plan process through a variety of outreach opportunities. Engagement will ensure that the Plan remains transparent and accessible to stakeholde​rs, residents, and businesses and enables input to steer plan outcomes. 

Interested members of the public can review draft and final factsheets and reports at any time and submit comments and questions to DOT2050@wv.gov. If you are interested in being included in a email list to receive notification of new content posted to the website and engagement opportunities, please provide your contact information through this address.

Opportunities for meetings with the WVDOT LRTP team are being developed to ensure public safety consistent with state COVID-19 pandemic protocols. Most outreach opportunities are anticipated to be virtual through the duration of the process, with limited opportunities for in-person outreach as the public health situation evolves. Please check back to this website for more details.

October Stakeholder Meeting Presentation​

Two stakeholder teams will help guide plan development:

Leadership Team – Made up of leaders across each WVDOT Division, the Leadership Team will review key plan findings and provide overall direction that helps ensure that the plan supports WVDOTs mission and creates a platform to support West Virginia’s economy and quality of life.

Policy and Technical Team – Made up of subject matter experts across WVDOT, urban and rural regions, Federal partners, and other related state agencies, the Policy and Technical Team will provide specific direction, insight, data, and best practices that helps WVDOT create a comprehensive and implementable Plan.

Plan Documents for Review:

Factsheet - 2050 LRTP Overview and Purpose