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Freight Plan

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​​"West Virginia Department of Transportation's (WVDOT) new State Freight Plan seeks to improve upon the existing freight transportation system in West Virginia. The freight transportation system in the United States is the engine that drives the nation’s economic competitiveness. Roads, railroads, the inland waterway system, seaports, pipelines, and airports all contribute to connecting agricultural and natural resource areas, population and employment centers, and international gateways.

The freight system in West Virginia is diverse and utilizes multiple modes of moving goods. The system comprises highways, waterways, rail, air cargo, pipelines, and intermodal terminals. An efficient multi-modal freight network where all of these system components work in harmony is an essential ingredient for economic development and enhancing West Virginia’s competitiveness in the national and global marketplace. This WVDOT State Freight Plan seeks to guide West Virginia’s freight planning and activities toward that goal."

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