Department of Transportation

STIP/TIP Amendments

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

Once the STIP is federally approved, certain changes must be made through an amendment and must undergo a public comment period. These types of changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost increases or decreases greater than $2 million.
  • Addition or deletion of projects.
  • Significant changes in the scope of a project.
  • Changes in MPO areas which are part of a TIP.

Other types of changes may be made by an administrative adjustment. Adjustments do not require federal approval. These types of changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost increases or decreases less than $2 million.
  • Changes in funding source.
  • Moving projects within the first four years of the STIP.

List of approved STIP amendments/adjustments. Updates will be added as necessary.


  AMENDMENTS                  ADJUSTMENTS     
                       Amendment 1                     Adjustment 1           
  Amendment 2
      Adjustment 2              
  Amendment 3       Adjustment 3    
  Amendment 4          Adjustment 4    
  Amendment 5          Adjustment 5    
  Amendment 6          Adjustment 6     
  Amendment 7          Adjustment 7     
  Amendment 8         Adjustment 8   
  Amendment 9               
  Amendment 10          Adjustment 10      
  Amendment 11          Adjustment 11                
  Amendment 12           Adjustment 12     
  Amendment 13           Adjustment 13     
  Amendment 14          Adjustment 14      
  Amendment 15         Adjustment 15     
  Amendment 16          Adjustment 16     
  Amendment 17           Adjustment 17       
  Amendment 18            Adjustment 18    
  Amendment 19         Adjustment 19     
  Amendment 20         Adjustment 20    
  Amendment 21          Adjustment 21     
  Amendment 22          Adjustment 22     
  Amendment 23
        Adjustment 23     
  Amendment 24               
  Amendment 25       Adjustment 25   
  Amendment 26       Adjustment 26   
  Amendment 27        Adjustment 27   
  Amendment 28          Adjustment 28       
  Amendment 29  Pending            


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a staged multi-year; multimodal program of all potential FHWA/FTA funded projects within a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) area. TIPs must go through a public involvement period and be approved by the MPO and Governor. Amendments to the TIP will require a corresponding amendment to the STIP*. The following links provide access to all eight MPO TIP websites:

*A TIP amendment shown on one of these websites will not be amended to the STIP immediately. It must go through the STIP public involvement process.
Last Updated:  09/23/2019