Department of Transportation

Grant Administration Unit

The Grant Administration Unit deals with a variety of grant programs, including:

Transportation Alternatives Program

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) has been a popular funding source for local community development. This is an 80% federal, 20% local reimbursement grant program for non-traditional transportation related projects. Examples include railway depot restoration, pedestrian and bicycle facilities and rail trails. This and other grant programs have also become part of West Virginia’s Federal-aid transportation program since passage of the original ISTEA in 1991.

Recreational Trails Program

The Recreational Trails Program is available for the construction, upgrade or maintenance of both motorized and non-motorized recreational trails. This, too, is an 80% federal, 20% local reimbursement program that may recognize “in-kind” matches for the local share.

West Virginia State Trails Program

The West Virginia State Trails Program is overseen by the State Trail Coordinator who also serves as the Chairman of the West Virginia Recreational Trails Advisory Board. The program provides guidance on design, development, training, funding, user conflict, accessibility, resource allocation and statewide infrastructure strategy to interested individuals and organizations.


Bicycle/pedestrian accommodation on the nation’s roadways is actively encouraged by the Federal Highway Administration. The West Virginia Division of Highways has designated a bicycle/pedestrian coordinator to facilitate these activities on West Virginia’s roadways. This section of the website contains information on various bicycle/pedestrian issues that tourists or citizens may find useful.

Engineering Guidance For Grant Administration Programs
Grant Application Plan Certification form from which all Grant Administration project Plans, Specifications & Estimate  packages will be reviewed.
Byways Backway Segmentation Application

Grant Administration
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