Department of Transportation

Contract Review Appraiser Procedures and Requirements



Notice is hereby given by the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways that Right of Way Appraisal Review services related to transportation projects will be used for statewide projects.  Future projects will be advertised and awarded on a low-bid basis.

All individuals interested in providing appraisal review service contracts for statewide projects must be pre-qualified and approved by the WVDOT, DOH, Right of Way Division in order to submit bids on upcoming projects.

Individuals desiring to be included on the pre-qualified list for real estate APPRAISAL REVIEW SERVICES, in addition to meeting the qualifications for appraisal services, must meet additional criteria.

Federal Agencies have long held the perspective that appraisal review is a unique skill that, while it certainly builds on appraisal skills, requires more.  The review appraiser should possess both appraisal technical abilities and the ability to be the two-way bridge between the Agency’s real property valuation needs and the appraiser.” (49 CFR 24.104) 

  • All reports and documents must be submitted on the currently approved WVDOT Statement of Appraisal Review form and Statement of Just Compensation form, and completed in compliance with the State Rule, and any and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and requirements, including but not limited to the WVDOT “Information for Appraisers” and “Right of Way Manual”.
  • All appraisal reports and related correspondence will be transmitted electronically via an FTP site or email.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of full time or equivalent part time experience providing technical reviews of appraisals for Federal-Aid projects is REQUIRED.
  • All bidders must have a minimum of five (5) years of full time or equivalent part time experience in real estate appraisal review and a license or certification in good standing with the West Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board allowing for the appraisal of real estate being acquired under the threat of Eminent Domain.
  • Be competent, as defined by the competency rule, Standards and Provisions of the “Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” (USPAP), and the “Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970” (Uniform Act) P.L. 91-646, 49 CFR Part 24
  • Be  proficient in reading, interpreting and explaining highway Right of Way plans and construction plans
  • Be familiar with, and competent to provide, appraisal reports on properties subject to partial takings including the ability to adequately address damages to any residue properties
  • Be proficient and competent in employing, when necessary, appraisal supplemental standards and jurisdictional exception as defined in USPAP.  Additional proficiency and competency in completing and reviewing appraisals with retrospective values and under hypothetical conditions and extraordinary assumptions is required
  • Be able to qualify as an expert witness in condemnation proceedings and shall provide such testimony at all types of condemnation proceedings upon request and/or subpoena.

All bids will be one fixed amount, in total, for all appraisal activities as advertised.  Once the appraisal or appraisal review service contract is awarded the contract issued to the successful bidder will require one (1) hourly rate for report revisions as requested by the Department, and one (1) hourly rate for all litigation-related appraisal activities.  These hourly rates must be all-inclusive of expenses incurred by the appraiser.  No compensation will be made for time incurred by the appraiser in correcting errors/omissions within appraisal reports.  Excepting prior written consent of the Department, completion of the contracted services must be submitted by the contracted due date.  No partial payments will be made and no invoices will be processed until all contracted and submitted acceptable appraisal reports have been reviewed and approved by the Department.


 Successful bidder may be subject to a written assessment regarding performance which will be prepared by WVDOH Appraisal Section personnel.  Consistent low ratings will influence the ability to participate in future bids.


 Prior successful completion of training in appraisal review for Federal-Aid Highway programs; appraisal review of partial acquisitions; condemnation appraising (principles and applications); and prior experience in providing expert witness testimony is REQUIRED


 Applicants for inclusion on the pre-qualified list to provide appraisal review services will in addition be required to:

  • Meet with WVDOH Appraisal Section review personnel prior to beginning review activities to determine scope of work per parcel and issues related to just compensation and appraisal methodology
  • Knowledge and ability to determine and approve just compensation which may be different that fair market value
  • Be able to generate carve out values and retention values as needed for relocation purposes
  • Accurately address the potential of recommending an uneconomic remnant option(s) on applicable properties
  • Be able to assess and apply excess cost to cure where applicable
  • Be able to reconcile multiple appraisal reports with differing values
  • Be responsible for making a “determination of value” in appropriate situations and/or when necessary
  • Reviewer shall coordinate project appraisal review activities with WVDOH Appraisal Section personnel
  • Be responsible for providing WVDOH with a written assessment of project fee appraiser(s) performance on each project
  • Be responsible for considering any information supplied by the property owner, including appraisal reports and providing an appropriate written response and revised review statement, if necessary
  • Must supply photographs of all project properties as an attachment to the review statement

 Prior employment by a State Department of Transportation is not required in order to apply for inclusion on the West Virginia Department of Transportation’s Pre-Qualified Appraiser List or Pre-Qualified Review Appraiser List, or to submit proposals to perform appraisal or appraisal review services as may be requested by the WVDOT.