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Training Opportunities

The Division of Public Transit sponsors several, wide-ranging training opportunities for transit provider personnel throughout the year.  Please check back to this site for training updates.

PASS - Passenger Service and Safety Certification:  two-day transit and Section 5310 driver training provides basic information on various mobility aids, vehicle accessibility equipment including wheelchair lifts and mobility aid securement.  It also helps drivers become familiar and proficient with customer assistance, sensitivity, and evacuation techniques.  Classes are scheduled throughout the year at various sites.  Please check the PASS page on this site or contact the Division for information.

Driver's Role in System Safety/Emergency Evacuation - March 25, 2016 at Little Kanawha Transit Authority in Calhoun County.  LKTA has space for 10 additional participants, please call 304-354-6216 for more information.  Driver’s Role in System Safety defines the driver’s role in protecting him or herself, the passengers and the company from a wide variety of potentially dangerous situations. This program is very intense and hands on involving issues concerning how and why pre-trip inspections are important, bloodborne pathogens and how to safely protect yourself, fire safety including how to use a fire extinguisher, evacuation (specific to each vehicle type) and accident procedures and safe evacuation.

Emergency Evacuation examines safety practices and proper evacuation procedures for public and community transportation operators. Operator preparedness, pre-trip inspection, communication, wheelchair lift and proper on-board equipment use will be reviewed. Evacuation procedures for ambulatory and non-ambulatory customers will be practiced via a hands-on vehicle fire simulation.

PASS Train-the-Trainer - Three day training for new trainers and one day review for recertifying trainers taking place in April, 2016 in Charleston.  More information to come.