Point System

​​​​​​DMV’s Point System promotes highway safety and enables the agency to monitor and correct the driving habits of West Virginia motorists.

Points are assessed for traffic violations according to the severity of the offense. Motorists who accumulate at least six (6)​ points against their license receive a warning letter urging them to exercise more caution and obey all traffic laws. Continued unlawful driving can lead to license suspension.

Points for a given infraction remain on a driver’s record for two (2) years after the date of the driver’s conviction for that infraction; the infraction itself remains on a driver’s record for five years. License suspensions run consecutively; points accumulated by drivers already under suspension will result in an additional license suspension, to begin after the original suspension period ends. However, suspensions received upon reaching 20+ points shall run concurrently.

Points are assessed for all traffic violations committed anywhere in the US using the WV Points Schedule listed below. Drivers convicted of multiple offenses arising out of the same incident will be assessed only the points appropriate to the most serious offense.

Points Accumulated
Suspension Time
30 Days
45 Days
60 Days
90 Days

 20+ points: License is suspended for 120 days.​

Convictions for driving while your license is suspended/revoked may result in an additional suspension.

Points are assessed according to the severity of the offense.

Click here for a brochure on the Points System with information on offenses and points assessed.

How to regain your driving privileges

Licensees who complete their suspension period may apply for reinstatement of their driving privileges. The reinstatement fee may be mailed to PO Box 17030, Charleston, WV 25317.

Division of Motor Vehicles Regional Offices do not process reinstatement transactions. A copy of the licensee’s original suspension notice and license number must be included in all reinstatement applications. Licensees who commit additional violations during license suspension are subject to further punitive action.

Defensive Driving Course Information

Any driver who completes the approved Defensive Driving Course (DDC) will have three points removed from the overall total, regardless of the amount of points currently on their record. If the driver has a points suspension for 14 or more points already created on their record, the suspension will not be rescinded or affected by the DDC, the driver must serve the suspension and pay the reinstatement fee.

If the driver has an impending 30 day point suspension (12 to 13 points) and can submit proof of completion of the Defensive Driving Course and the reinstatement fee PRIOR to the effective date of the suspension, the 30 Day Suspension will be rescinded.

The Defensive Driving Course may only be taken once every twelve months for point reduction. You can not use the Defensive Driving Course for point reduction if you take the class prior to points appearing on your record.

Online Defensive Driving Courses are NOT acceptable for point reduction and will NOT be considered by the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.

Only those classes listed are accepted in West Virginia for purposes of point reduction. For additional information concerning a class in your area you may contact any of the following class representatives listed below.

​​​B-Safe, Inc.
(304) 641-9045

Aaron Young, Advanced Driving LLC
(304) 573-5223
Princeton/Cross Lanes

PN Driver Training, LLC
(304) 481-8190
Parkersburg/Vienna​                                                                     ​

Three (3) points will be deducted from the last ticket received by the Division of Motor Vehicles prior to taking the class.

How to Obtain a Driving Record