Information for Non-WV Residents

The State of West Virginia requires that you complete a substance abuse evaluation/assessment and 18 hours of driver under the influence education.  If you are not a resident of West Virginia, but were charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in the state of West Virginia, you may complete your driver under the influence education course and evaluation outside of West Virginia.  For help in locating an educational course or a substance abuse evaluator, contact our office at 1-877-215-2522 during normal business hours or email us at with your full name, date of birth, and current location (city/county, state). Online courses are NOT accepted.

In order for your out-of-state coursework to be accepted and approved by the Safety and Treatment Program, you must provide documentation of the following:

  • Completion of a DUI education course with a minimum of 12 hours of class time (if completed out-of-state)
  • A substance abuse evaluation/assessment
    • If the treatment assessment indicates a need for further treatment, the client must complete any recommended treatment to fulfill the West Virginia requirements.

Upon completion of the driver under the influence education course, you will need to complete and return the Out-Of-State Education and Treatment Verification Form along with:

  • A certificate of completion from the educational course that includes the number of hours completed.
  • A copy of the completed substance abuse evaluation/assessment​. The evaluation must clearly state the date of the evaluation, the evaluator's recommendation, the name of the evaluator, and the agency's name and location/telephone number. If the substance abuse evaluation recommended treatment, documentation to show that the treatment was successfully completed must also be submitted.

A notarized Residency Statement must also be completed to provide proof of residency in a state other than West Virginia. Along with the residency statement, you must provide a form of documentation of your residence in the state you live in. This can be documented by a bank statement, bill, other piece of mail, pay stub, etc.

There is a $125.00 administrative fee for submitting education from outside West Virginia. You may pay with a cashier's check, money order, or personal check. Please make all funds payable to WV DMV and be sure to include your name and DUI File number on the payment to identify the account to apply the payment. 

You may fax your documentation to 1-304-558-3275, scan and​​ email to, or send through postal mail to:

West Virginia DMV

Safety & Treatment Program

P.O. Box 17070

Charleston, WV 25317